National healthcare is really a Conservative slam dunk. It means the government can dictate what gets covered, control costs, and make sure we're all getting a good deal. That sounds Conservative to me, and the only people scared of a Medicare for All system are those part of the current system (swamp).

You want a Conservative Supreme Court? Cool. No abortions. No birth control. Faith healing. Whatever. The point is that if we elect conservatives AND have a medicare for all system, then those lawmakers--our lawmakers-- can decide what's covered. Don't want sex changes covered? Fine, then vote that way, but don't waste a chance to save money just because some liberal MIGHT vote for Planned Parenthood. Your guy can vote against it when the Conservatives rule Congress and The Supreme Court. Our national healthcare does not need to provide for abortions or sex changes if it’s not in the public interest. But if it is, then we do. Simple.

Compassionate Conservatism, ie the church, used to administer most healthcare. Our churches aren't named after saints just because we want people to find religion when they're ill. Conservatives running a Medicare for All system can bring religion back to hospitals. Or not; it doesn't really matter. When churches establish relationships in other countries, they tend to build a schools, churches, and medical facilities. It creates goodwill with the people who might be lacking in necessities. My church might help dig a well for clean water, purchase a goat or other livestock, provide books for school, and donate Bibles to the new church, but we also will buy medical supplies or offer training for medical staff. But back at home, members of our own church could be burdened by medical expenses that leave them unable to give freely. Affordable healthcare is supposed to be a Third World problem, but it's a First World problem in America, along with bad hair days and the fact that your toaster doesn't have a bagel setting.

Conservatives can control costs in a Medicare for All system. Just like Scott Walker did with teachers in Wisconsin, a government-run healthcare can cut pay to doctors--people who are definitely NOT going to establish practices in the Caribbean as they would have us believe. The government can also negotiate better pricing for drugs than a smaller insurance company. Best of all, we can finally eliminate the biggest leech on the healthcare system: insurance companies themselves. You know what, I don’t care if there will be a little waste and bureaucracy, and I don’t think most of us really care all that much, either, as long as we don’t go broke trying to stay healthy. I understand that greed is part of the idea of capitalism, but we’ve decided that public education, national parks, the military, and various other services we hold dear are to exempt from mass corporate greed. Why should healthcare be the one service realm that it’s encouraged? If Big Pharma wants to relocate all its scientists and factories to Africa, that’s honestly just fine, and it might result in a little more altruism. If insurance companies want to sell healthcare upgrades, I’m cool with rich people paying a little more to get in first...they already can get to the top of organ donation lists in our current system. I just don’t want those rich people who get more from healthcare to be the ones raping the system to get rich in the first place. And it IS a system, no joke. Government is made to control large systems that provide services to citizens. Do we hire mercenary soldiers from around the world to protect our shores? This is America, where we can build the BEST national healthcare system in the world.

I want to be a fiscally conservative person. I hate government waste, mostly because I believe in my government. I can handle some corporate greed, so long as it does not endanger the well-being of others. For example, the greed that led to the great airbag recall or the greed that led to bulletproof vests being sold to law-enforcement that weren’t bulletproof. The healthcare corporate greed has led to too many people suffering needlessly in our country, and it will only continue unless we figure out a real single-payer, taxpayer-funded, and quite possibly conservative healthcare system.