I've started to amass some reviews in my new hometown of Jacksonville. Satisfamily has several from the Milwaukee area, but I kind of made a Jaxpecific blog, so I figured I'd add some of those reviews here for those of you missing my insightful look at local businesses. And because this website is ranked higher.

Review of Aquatics Camp at St. Johns River Base at Echockotee for Boys AND Girls

This review looks at the aquatics camp at Doctors Lake. It will be updated once we participate (July 2018)

Happy We're In Jacksonville This Winter, Or Spring

A review of why it's nice to live in the South in winter.

Your Broke-Ass Lincoln Will Never Get Fixed

A review of non-existent Lincoln customer service when it comes to the big aribag recall.

$1 To Walk on Jax Beach Pier?

A review of the Jacksonville Beach Pier.

So This is What Oversized Means in a Home?

A review of oversizing a home.

A Family Pass To State Parks With An Impossible Passport

A review of the Florida State Park Passport Program.

How To Lose At Lowes

A review of local Jacksonville Lowe's stores.

Impressions of Magnolia Grove at Kernan and McCormick

A review of the new subdivision called Magnolia Grove in Jacksonville's East Arlington area.

Cradle Creek Preserve, Eagles, and an iPhone

A review of the Cradle Creek Preserve in Jacksonville.

JEA Bill Flyer FAIL - River Clean Up, World Water Day, and a Free Tree

A review of getting outdated bill flyers from JEA.

Ms. Senior Jacksonville - OK...

A review of the Ms. Senior Jacksonville competition.

St. Johns, Not St. Jobs

A review of St. Johns County, FL.

Kids Soccer in JAX

A review of kids' soccer programs in Jacksonville.

Everbank (Sorry, TIAA) Ticket Office?

A review of the TIAA Field Ticket Office.

European Street Cafe Reviewed

A review of the European Street Cafe.

Is The Shoe Carnival Sweepstakes Legal?

A review of a sweepstakes program.

2 4 6 Whoppers Not 1 4 3

A review of two for $6 Whoppers at BK.

Choice Comments About Jax

A review of reviews of Jacksonville.

It's Easier Here

A review of Jacksonville's motto.

Sunday Funday Sounds Like Fun

A review of Sunday Funday, St. Johns County-style.

Franz Foreign Car Service Review

A review of Franz Foreign Car Service in Jacksonville.

Sacksonville Should Prepare For the Worst; Hope For The Best

A review of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Top Ten Unexpected Costs of Living in Jacksonville, Florida

A review of the costs associated with living in Jacksonville.

Check Jacksonville GIS To See If You Live In A Regulation or Hazard Zone

A review of JaxGIS new maps.

AT&T Fiber: Faster Internet, Same AT&T

A review of AT&T Fiber in Jacksonville.

An Annotated List of Jax Meetups

A review of some Jacksonville Meetup groups.

Hot Attraction: Blow Up Slides

A review of using blow up slides in Florida's sun.

Baseball Field Fiasco

A review of Jacksonville's baseball diamonds.

Here's Why A Certified Teacher Probably Won't Be A Substitute In Jacksonville

A review of working as a substitute teacher in Jacksonville.

Why Rome, Italy, and The Villages, FL, Are Similar, And Why It Matters

A review of The Villages, FL.

Pit Sisters: Really?

A review of a Pit Bull rescue group.

Note to Jax Drivers: Turn Signals Serve a Purpose

A review of Jacksonville driving habits.

How NOT to Handle Customer Complaints: ABC Fine Wine and Spirits

A review of ABC Fine Wine and Spirits.

Boom Goes The Dynamite: Why Bad Newscasts Are Fun

A review of Jacksonville news.

Seeing a Broken-Down Penske Truck Reminded Me: Don't Rent From Penske

A review of Penske.

A 37 Year-Old Nazi at UNF Has Some Options

A review of dating options for white nationalists.

Here's Why I Didn't Take My Family To The Fair This Year

A review of the Duval County Fair.

Not That I'm Looking For a Life Coach, But What's The Deal With Transform Your Life Today?

A review of local Jacksonville life coaches.

What Kind of Driving Should We Expect From JSO?

A review of police driving in Jacksonville.

Flag Etiquette Lessons With Lenny

A review of flag etiquette.

Jacksonville Wins Library of the Year -- What's That Mean?

A review of the Jacksonville libraries.

Are We Missing Out On Better Tomorrows?

A review of newscasts.

Jiffy Lube Atlantic Beach - Google Got This One Wrong

A review of a local Jiffy Lube location.

Local Haunts - A New Jaxperience

A review of a local TV show.

Action News JAX Busy Mom Ad Should Bother Us

A review of a local ad about watching the morning news.

Fall Family Fun: Amazing Grace Crop Maze Review

A review of the Amazing Grace Crop Maze near Jacksonville.

X102.9 is Jacksonville's Alternative, Kinda -- And Now It's 106.5

A review of Jacksonville's alternative radio station.

Sandalwood Teacher Web Pages Make Me Wonder If That's The Place For My Kids

A review of Sandalwood High School teachers' websites.

I'm Not Blaming Armada For This...

A review of local parks and soccer fields.

Jacksonville's GIS Map Needs This Feature

A review of Jacksonville's GIS map.