Every single person who reviews web hosting companies should be honest about something: we have NOT used all of the hosting plans out there ourselves. That would be crazy. And time-consuming. And just not practical.

We should also be honest about the links out to hosts. If there is a link from this or any other review site out to a host, the site with the article gets a commission if you sign up for an account. Does that mean people are dishonest in their assessments of hosting companies? Maybe, but I have faith in most people who write about their own experiences, which is what I will do here. The problems I have with web hosting reviews are the ones written by the likes of Hostt.com's owner, who just uses SEO and marketing techniques to drive traffic to his site to rip people off. And that's not totally uncommon in the industry, where you know full-well there are very few American employees handling your website needs. Anyhow, I've had bad experiences with Hostt.com and my old-old hosting company that I can't remember the name and can't find anymore. Sorry that I can't warn you against more scams than Hostt, but that's the only one I was victimized by recently.

On the other side, Lunarpages has been consistent. I won't say it's the greatest host ever or that it's the best deal ever. I won't quote all the stats and numbers. I won't say they protected us from all hackers or our own mistakes, but it's hard to ask for a lot more for the price. If you are shopping for a solid web host for a good price, take a look at Lunarpages. I had to ask for a newer version of PHP to run my sites, but they helped out nicely when I asked. They do complain when your site has a sudden influx in traffic from folks trying to steal your ideas or hack into your site, but that's better than just letting the server go down every day like Hostt.com does.

Feel free to check out the others. I cam back to Lunarpages because I knew what I was getting and it's cheap enough that you feel like it can have a few flaws. If you decide to give LP a try, click on the link below so I can get a few bucks. At least I'm being honest about it.