I met Jacob today at the 2018 Florida-Geogia District LCMS Conference. He's a vision navigator, and he knows all about Visionary Planning, Leadership Scaffolding, and Discipleship Mapping. Jacob is certified in Church Unique and God Dreams. My church in Wisconsin had used Church Unique almost a decade ago. I think my wife participated in it in some way. 

Jacob told me he helps to clarify the mission for a church. I think it's a good goal, but I believe a lot of Lutheran churches are more concerned with survival than clarifying their missions, not realizing how linked these are. When I looked into churches that succeed (maybe even grow), I found a lot of the same terminology in my conversation with Jacob. I kind of understood what he was saying, but I get it on more of a basic level. 

You can read more about Clarify to Magnify here, and if you're looking to clarify your web presence, try Luthernet. Or ask Jacob for a recommended web designer. 

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