If you attend an LCMS church in Florida, then you need to take a look at the article I've written that discusses your church website. Free of charge, I took it upon myself to create an independent evaluation of every LCMS church's website in the state of Florida. That's a huge undertaking, but the results are very important to the congregations. I am hoping some of those churches hire me to help, but I realize many will not. However, I wish those other churches the best, and I hope my work will help them with their websites.

When the president of the Florida-Georgia District LCMS came to speak at our church, he mentioned that the top priority for churches should be to establish relationships with members. That's a sentiment that has been backed up by research into what makes a church thrive. He's right. One tool to use is the internet. Most current LCMS church websites do very little to foster relationships at the church--some sites leave that internet task to Facebook or weekly newslettes. However, people who are not yet members want to see that relationship, too. My assessments provide a key perspective: that of someone who is seeing your church for the first time.

I want to see images, news articles about what you do, a schedule of events that seems like there's something for me, and the people who are involved at the church. Of course, I also need to know service times and location. Beyond that, it's all just static content that I might check out once. My assessments tried to convey that it's about content, but it's also about new content, all the time. That's the kind of content that lets members and seekers alike know that there are relationships happening at the church.

If you have a church in Florida that is not LCMS, don't worry. My evaluations are always free to any church. Just contact me.