Veterans Day 2016 from Helena

We generally recycle the assignments that come home from school. However, Lisa saw this one from Helena and recognized our daughter's sincerity in writing. I think it's good, too, and I hope veterans or those currently deployed get a chance to read this type of sentiment each Veterans Day from a ten year-old (which means there will be misspellings, run-ons, and one or two areas that won't make any sense whatsoever).

Here's the text in case you can't read the image above:

What My Country Means to Me

I am lucky to live in a country with freedom. I want to thank all vetrans from all wars for fighting for our country. Thank you for loving this country, so you fought in wars an won. You wanted to have freedom and you gave your life for us in this place. Even if you did not fight and you only stayed in one place to protect it we still thank you from the bottom of our heart. You mean so much to us and served most of your life for such a worthy cause. Vetrans protect this country for us. So many fought an died some we never knew and kept us safe through all wars to. We love our country very much and want our freedom like we have it now that we can have a say in all things going on right now. You helped win wars you saved other people we just want to believe. We have freedom to leeve if we'd like, and can help people around the world! Thank you!