When we take the children to a Brewers amusement, they request nachos. I like nachos as much as anyone else, however the included cost combined with the relative wretchedness contrasted with Lisa's normal toll has brought about our dodging nachos. We even went to several diversions with gatherings this year, and practically every other family got nachos or something pretty much as insidious to eat. The children cried, however we didn't give in. Rather, I guaranteed them before our last amusement that I'd get them nachos if any player on either group was named Nacho. I extended the guarantee to incorporate Santiago and Rodrigo, since we have relatives with those names, and the names are slightly Nacho-like. On the other hand, subsequent to neither one of the teams had a player with the names required, the children did not get their nachos. More misery, so I made another guarantee for one year from now.

The new arrangement is that if the Brewers get a player named Nacho, Santiago, or Rodrigo, the children get nachos. In the event that the meeting group has a player with that name, the children get nachos. On the off chance that Helena and James each eat a jalapeno, they each get nachos. I figured the jalapeno dare would make it a done arrangement, yet both children don't care for hot nourishment, so they're seeking after alternate potential outcomes. At the point when Helena didn't trust the Brewers would get the right player in the off-season, I advised her she ought to keep in touch with them. That is to say, there have been players with the last name Santiago in the association, and there have presumably been two or three Rodrigos here and there. The group has a fellow named Scooter, so it's not unfathomable to draft a gentleman named Nacho. Alternately even have one of the players change his epithet to Nacho: Nacho Braun, maybe. Alternately Nacho Lord Nelson. Then again Nacho Maldonado, which has a decent ring to it. Really, as I look over the program, there are a few different names significantly more dark than Rodrigo or Santiago on the list, so there may be trust.

In any case, Helena composed the letter today evening time, so I figured I'd post it for all of you to peruse. I'll additionally upgrade this post with any sort of reaction. I had an understudy get a decent fan bundle from the Cleveland Indians when he sent the group a letter about the amount of a fan he was. Investigate what Helena composed. I believe it's really great. I'll leave the blunders in light of the fact that she's still youthful and the missteps are still charming.


Hi Brewers,

I love going to your Games. You are in awsome teem. I go to your Games at least 1 or 2 times a year. Maby more. I love to watch you run and score.

When i go, i want to get Nachos. My dad says that i can olny get Nachos if you have a player named “Nacho, Rodrigo, or Santiago.” Rodrigo and Santiago are my relatives names. My dad says i can get Nachos if i eat a Jalapeno, but i do not like spicy food.

It would be great if you got a player named Nacho, Santiago, or Rodrigo. You could also send me a coupon for Nachos or other cool stuff!

Thank you!



We'll see if Helena can get anything out of the letter. I told her it's not likely the Brewers will make a trade just for her, but she is using an effective format for writing letters that I've taught many students, so maybe she'll at least get a glittery hat or something.