I've been busy recently, even as much of our country is in the midst of a pandemic. Since we have two kids about to start high school in a city (Jax, FL) that isn't known for its school system, I've had to do a little research about the local high school options. You can find the full guide to Jacksonville public and private high schools on NewJaxWitty. Or, if you want the short version, here's my shorter list of high schools in Jax

If you're moving to Jacksonville or already live in the Ft. Caroline Shores area (including East Arlington), the preceding guides will be valuable to you. The problem for those of us who live east of St. Johns Bluff and north of JTB is that there are not many high schools in the area. The public schools are very large, and the private schools tend to be very expensive (and often located closer to San Marco). 

Duval County Public Schools offers kind of a hybrid magnet system, which means there are a few full-magnet schools (like Stanton or Paxon for academics or Dougas Anderson for arts) along with regional specialties offered at public schools that may not be in your attendance area (AP Capstone, IB, and AICE). Some of the more desirable city schools also offer limited open-enrollment seats. With the city being as spread out as it is, however, you're not going to send your kids who live near Sandalwood High School over to Westside High School for any reason, as it's 30-50 minutes away (and not very good). 

My advice, even if you don't read either of my articles about Jacksonville high schools, is to talk to parents, as well as current and past students. We learned a lot about the schools from the people that truly represent them, as opposed to glorified websites or principals/salespeople. 

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