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We want to do what's right for our family, our kids, and our community. In order to do that, we agreed to host an Amity intern to work at Milwaukee German Immersion School last year. In fact, we agreed to host one each semester for nine weeks each. While hosting another adult was the right thing to do and we're glad we did it, we will not be hosting one next year. We hope others give it a try while they have students at the school, and this article will be a review of the experience along with some suggestions for the future of the program. 

Since I work as a teacher, I know about the stresses at work. Since I work as a teacher in Wisconsin, I know about yearly cuts and a general feeling by the populace that I do not work hard enough. When Helena's school was asking for help with hosting interns at the same time my school was being decimated by budget cuts, Lisa and I saw it as an opportunity to help our daughter's school while also helping all public schools. We jumped in and offered our house. We weren't thinking about the implied repayment of a place to stay in Germany. We weren't thinking about possible inconveniences. We just thought that we had to do something to help, and our house was kind of big enough to provide that help.