In June of 2019, the best option for most people living in Florida and Georgia when it comes to transponders and toll passes might surprise you. Unless you use your local toll road daily and expect some kind of magical discount, the most usable transponder for people from both Georgia AND Florida right now is from NORTH CAROLINA. Hear me out on this one and you will agree. 

The Florida Sunpass covers Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. 

The Georgia Peach Pass covers Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina. 

Every EZPass from just about every state (Illinois, for example) covers all of the EZPass states (including North Carolina and central Florida), but these do not cover Sunpass or Peach Pass tolls. 

The one, single, solitary pass that covers EVERYTHING in Florida and Georgia, as well as the rest of the EZ Pass system (most of the East Coast through to Illinois) is the North Carolina Quick Pass with EZ Pass. You can basically travel anywhere east of the Mississippi with this pass. 

You can read more about why the Sunpass isn't right for Floridians here