I don't know how long it will last, if it's a good deal, or all of the reasoning behind it, but there are some credits on my We Energies bill that have made the beginning of winter more bearable this year. Be sure to check your own bill to make sure it has the credits you've earned, presumably for overpaying in recent years.

The total bill is $260.46. That's $132.65 for electricity and $127.81 for gas. The credits are for $.35 and $1.71 in electricity. More credits in gas include amounts of $4.74, $.63, and $21.29. The total of credits for this bill add up to $2.06 for elecricity plus $26.66 for gas, or $28.72. That means the bill would have been $289.18.

Here are the credits that We Energies issued:


2017 Tax Cut Credit (863 kWh x $.000400-/kWh)

Fuel Cost Adjustment (863 kWh x $.001987-) (prorated)


2017 Tax Cut Credit (167 therms x $.028400-/therms)

Earnings Cap Credit (167 therms x $.003749-) (prorated)

PGA (167 therms x $.127492-/therms)

The PGA is the Purchased Gas Agreement, and that means We Energies paid less than some base amount. The tax credits have to do with the new tax code, I believe, and We Energies' savings were passed to consumers (at least that's what I believe in my brain). I am not at all sure of the Earnings Cap Credit. It sounds like there's an amount at which the utility cannot make more than it has said it would, so instead of extra earnings going into pockets of the CEO, it gets returned to us.

On the other side of things, I did get to pay a low-income assistance fee of $3.15, so make sure you also got to pay that. And your credits might vary based on if you use the Energy for Tomorrow program.

Also, I noticed that I did not pay sales tax in January like I did in July. I don't remember if this is some kind of winter program or if the tax structure changed, since I can't access bills from last year. Looks like I paid tax in October but not November. Confused and scared. I am not sure how Miller Park will continue to operate without my contribution.