If you're bored, into saving the environment, and into saving money, you can convert your diesel to run on waste vegetable oil (WVO). The process shown here documents what I did a few years back. I now have a Suburban that uses a few leftovers from the Mercedes and a Frybrid kit (which I would not recommend). All told,


I wanted to convert a car in early 2004, but I had to buy the vehicle... A 1984 Mercedes 300SD. After fixing a few problems, I was ready to convert over the summer but lacked the funds. I finally bought the Greasecar kit in October of 2004.

1984 Mercedes 300SDThe vehicle has 265,000 miles on it. The exterior has a newer paint job, and the interior is fairly nice. All electronics, including AC, work. In fact, after I fixed the alternator and the gas leak, I started to question the sanity of converting this car to run on veggie oil-- it's so nice to drive. I'd read in a number of forums that these old ('85 and older) Mercedes diesels are the most tolerant to goofs like me messing around with oil.





interior 300SD This car is twenty years old and has 265,000 miles? The front seats look good, though the springs aren't exactly bouncing back like they once did. Notice the black (in good shape) dash and cream interior-- the original car was more of a cream, and since painted green, which seems more appropriate for my application.








300SD trunkHere you see the spare tire, where I will eventually mount the second tank. When I bought the car, the tires looked like they had little cracks in them. I was on the highway one day and a big chunk of rubber came off one of the tires, and then I replaced them all. I've since seen a news report that said old tires can create major problems, so remember to check those tires on cars you don't drive much.

 To be continued... when I find the rest of the pictures.