Here's one I couldn't find online: should I pay down debt when I'm unemployed? Lisa and I actually decided to go ahead and pay down her student loan because we are trying to make unemployment more bearable. You may not agree, and I'm not sure I do, but here's the thinking for what we want as I enter unemployment: mainly, we want to limit expenses. We'd talked about this one for some time. Do I need Dish? Do we need smart phones? What are our needs? What monthly payments can we eliminate?

Once we saw what we could get rid of, it seemed to make sense that the cash we'd built up would be better used to pay off one of the monthly expenses, so we pulled the trigger on Lisa's $8,000 loan in order to save $90 a month ($15 in interest). Maybe we're crazy, but we're slashing all other costs, and I wasn't about to invest it at less than 1% interest in order to make less many in a year than I pay in a month on the loan.