Life isn't fair, and fairs are in August. But sometimes you can get a fair deal on parking near the fair. As in free on the street. When we lived near Wisconsin State Fair, we usually parked around 92nd and Schlinger. It was about a mile from there. But what about free parking near the Waukesha County Fairgrounds? Saving $5 is always a good idea if it's not too much of a hassle.

Grandpa says the area around Delafield Street was cool for free parking. I was totally going to document this and write more, but I forgot to do it. Point is that there is free parking on the streets very close to the fair, so drive down them before throwing the $5 away, unless you like to pay for parking. We walked less than a mile, and the fairgrounds aren’t huge, so we were able to have a good time without being too tired out.

It's actually kind of nice to attend the smaller county fairs once in a while. We'd gotten accustomed to State Fair because we lived close, but you don't have to ALWAYS do State Fair.