If you're new to Jacksonville, Florida, or even if you've been hanging out there for years, check out some of the newest blog posts from Jacksonville's most prolific blogger. Even if you're not from the city, never been there, never plan on going, and have a negative view of Florida in general, these posts are still interesting to read. But if you're from the Midwest or Northeast, or even Canada, and you're planning a move or vacation to Jax, then take a look at some of the stories of local interest.

Helicopters In The Air

About the communication of police to local when there's a helicopter circling above and a police care stationed in a neighborhood.

Take 'Em Down JAX -- Hmm, What Could 'Em Be?

What are some of the things Jacksonville should take down, besides Confederate monuments?

Super Tire Jacksonville Review: More Like Stupid Tire

Super Tire is a store that sells lightly used and totally trashed tires in Jacksonville, Florida.

Florida's National Guard: Since 1565 - We Went There

1565 was the year of the first Euro-centric militia in Florida, responsible for a massacre that same year, so obviously we trace our current National Guard to that time.

Woman Veteran License Plates

Did you know that you could get these plates, and not just in Florida? I mean, if you're a woman and a veteran.

Your Connection Is Not Secure: OH NO!

Websites not accessible because of the https mandate.

How To Get Out Of Jury Duty In Jacksonville

Actually, it doesn't give any such advice.

1000 Pageviews Per Month

Yep, New Jax Witty gets about as many pageviews as one article on this page. But it's trying hard.

Xtreme Wings Sports Grill Is Not Quite A Packers Bar

I wanted this bar to be where I'd watch the Packers play, but the winner is the next bar.

Yep, That's A Packer Bar in Jacksonville: Blackfinn Ameripub

And it is.

Man Came to Florida to "Escape the Violence"

If you're planning on moving to Florida to escape your local violent city, read this article.

The London Llamas or Jacksonville Jaguars

Are the Jaguars skipping town for London? Read to find out.

$100,000 Damage From Vandalism

Hey, how ruined would your house have to be to sustain $100,000 in damage? Mine too.

I Would Not Want a Murder Memorial On My Property

Why would anyone want a memorial to a murder that took place right outside of their home? I don't know.