houseThis house is available 9-1-2021

Are you going to start your residency at The Medical College of Wisconsin? Our neighborhood has hosted many of the folks who will soon become doctors, and we are interested in renting our house to someone who wants to live on the absolute best block for a Medical College student. We live on 93rd Street between Wisconsin Avenue and Bluemound, meaning it's literally one block from the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center. Yes, you'll have to walk another few blocks once on the campus, but all you have to do is cross Wisconsin and you're there. 

The reason you want this house for your family is that it has been made family-friendly by the owners. We have two kids, and we have set up the yard to accommdate that fact. A giant playset, an educational garden, and even an adjustable basketball hoop make outdoor recration fun in the 1/4 acre lot. Yes, 1/4 acre in the city of Milwaukee! There's also a built-in sandbox and a nice patio with a grill, along with a storage shed. If you want a real park, Cannon Park is three blocks away. If you want a real zoo, the Milwaukee County Zoo is about a half-mile walk (we always walk).

The three standard-sized bedrooms are the only standard part of this house, but still big enough to currently house king-sized beds and a bunk bed for maximum sleeping space. However, it's the living space where this open-concept house shines. Well over half of the 1400+ main level square footage is part of the open living room-dining room-kitchen-family room space. The whole house has hardwood floors for easy, allergy-free cleaning. And you'll be cleaning a lot in order to host those fun parties: we've had 30 guests for indoor birthday parties! Need to clean up afterwards? Dishwasher, washer, and dryer are all included!

The basement has four main sections, along with a  bathroom. You'll have an ample laundry area that includes a workbench and storage. You will also have what we call the workout room, currently outfitted with a mini trampoline, exercise bike, treadmill, and Xbox with Kinect. The other section has our computer and play area, which is large and carpeted. This section also has a gas heater for play during winter months. The bonus fourth bedroom currently doubles as a theater room, but you can always throw your cousin from Ohio down there if he wants to spend the week. In fact, be very careful of homes that claim to have over 2000 square feet in the area, since Wisconsin has allowed counting basement square footage. This house has actual 1467 square foot living space on the main floor, with another, mostly-finished 1400 square feet below ground level. It has (officially) three bedrooms, even though I slept in the basement from age 15 until age 40. 

The yard! 1/4 acre in the city. Flowers and bushes blooming all season. Playset, garden, extra swings, 15 trees, 2 water barrels (110 gallons), and still room to run around. And not so big you have to hire a landscaper to cut it each week. As a bonus, the view from the yard looks down over the neighbors' beautifully-manicured lawns. Oh yeah, the neighbors are WONDERFUL. Some original owners who look out for each other and the neighborhood, as well as young professionals. Please, if you think you find a better single block in the Milwaukee Metro region, let me know.

We are relocating, but we are interested in finding renters who will appreciate the house and location, less than 10 minute walk to Froedtert, Children's, and The Medical College. In fact, I just read that 12% of the people in this neighborhood walk to work/school, which makes it one of the highest walk-to-work neighborhoods in the country. If you look at apartments or houses further east, you'll be dealing with Wisconsin Lutheran College students. If you go further south, you won't likely want to walk to work, and there are almost no lots this size to be had. Don't buy someone else's problem when you can rent someone else's joy. We really don't want to have to move away from this great location, less than 15 minutes from downtown and the lakefront. We enjoy riding our bikes on the Hank Aaron Trail and walking down to Wauwatosa's village. Honestly, after your time is up, there's a very good chance we'll move right back in.

If you're interested, get in touch with me and deal directly with our family. The house can be ready as early as July 1, maybe even earlier for 2021. 

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You may have read that Milwaukee is a city of neighborhoods, but, having lived here for 40 years, I can tell you it's a city of blocks, and this is the right one. The Milwaukee police officers, firemen, teachers, original (1950s) owners, and residents who live on the block can attest to it. You will, too.

I also wanted to mention schools. Our kids have attended Milwaukee German Immersion School since 4k. It's one of the best schools in the state. Milwaukee Montessori is also three blocks away. You can also apply to get into Wauwatosa Schools. As of 2016, the bus was still coming to get our kids for MGIS, so that makes it a great option for parents who do not want to deal with transportation. There are also several religious private schools in the area. No, you do not want to send your kids to just any old MPS school, but you do have options in our neighborhood. Many families have used the local Catholic or Lutheran schools, but I know the girl who lived across the street went to Wauwatosa (when I was in French immersion). Do not think that Brookfield is the only place to send your kids. Ours have done just fine.


I've included some images. You'll notice the size of the yard, the openness and size of the living space, the quartz countertops, and the economical layout of a 1950s ranch with a large addition. Oh, I also added an attic shot because my dad and I spent several days laying a nice attic floor, and it's all the storage most of us would ever need.  Contact me.

This is being offered at around $2500 per month (utilities included) with a some furninshings. If you're interested, contact me.

[DISCLAIMER] - I, Brian Jaeger, own this property. It is not listed on Craigslist. This is not your typical $1500 a month house for rent. It is listed by owner, and I do not have other properties, nor do I know how to take rent assistance. I will not ask you to send money in order to get the keys.