Best Tips for Overall Care:

  • Friction and Moisture are generally the biggest enemies - do all you can to minimize these
  • Recognize and try to accept/make peace with fact that navigating sensitive skin daily is your reality 



  • Warm water, not hot (too drying)
  • Put a water filter on shower head to minimize any minerals’ irritation
  • Neutrogena fragrance-free bar soap
  • Vanicream shampoo and conditioner (fragrance free)
    • If using scented deep conditioner, bend over and rinse to avoid getting it in vaginal area
  • CeraVe cream - plain (no SA - salicylic acid), fragrance free
  • Aveeno Fragrance-free shaving cream
  • Aveeno oatmeal bath packet, but no other bubble baths, bath bombs
  • Bidet when possible
    • Wet toilet paper after bowel movements
    • Squirt bottle vaginal area after peeing, sex, during menstruation
    • Cool water soothes irritation



  • Organic, unbleached, fragrance free pads and tampons
  • Small scissors for trimming tampon string short
  • Change tampon w/ every bathroom use



  • Garden of Life Women’s Probiotic (for vaginal health)
  • Lots of yogurt - plain, Greek, skyr (low-sugar)
  • Avoid refined carbs
  • Avoid sugar (except natural sugars in fruit, though limit fruit to 2-3 servings/day)
  • Limit alcohol (mixed experience - sometimes too much wine seems to make things worse, maybe due to sugar content)



  • Be honest with partner about when you need to change positions
  • Take the initiative with partner when you’re feeling ok (they might be afraid to if they know you’re dealing with these issues)
  • Sex before bed so skin can recover overnight (sex during day makes recovery challenging because later activities cause additional friction)
  • Lube (Water Slide brand)
  • Non-latex, Skyn (brand) condoms cut down on friction
  • Avoid oral sex, anal sex
  • Pee right after sex and rinse with water



  • No underwear at night
  • Nightshirt/nightgown NOT shorts/pants
  • Shorts - wear at least 1 size too big, look for soft seams (i.e. sweats, not khaki nor jeans)
  • Breathable - linen, cotton 
  • Skirts and dresses best for less friction, air movement; longer length minimizes leg-crossing
  • Cotton underwear when not exercising - wear a looser size (not tight across crotch), change frequently when damp (keep extras in purse, briefcase in a make-up bag- I use one bag for clean, one for to-be-laundered items), brief/bikini style (no thongs)
  • Pantyhose - cut out crotch in stockings for better breathability
  • Avoid tight leggings or jeans
  • Swimsuits cause chafing - change ASAP after swimming



  • Moisture-wicking underwear (i.e. Fruit of the Loom briefs or bikini) - cotton gets wet and causes chafing
  • Moisture-wicking shorts at least 1 size too big to minimize friction from seam, cut out any crotch liner in running shorts
  • Aerobic dance preferable to running/walking fast (minimizes friction)
  • Avoid chlorinated pools and hot tubs - freshwater and seawater seem ok
  • Bike seats are very painful and cause chafing - yes, even gel seat causes soreness; bike seats with front cut off put more pressure on arms - uncomfortable
  • Manage stress: yoga, breathing exercises, walk in nature, read Bible, pray - vaginal issues heighten anxiety
  • Take off exercise clothes ASAP after working out and shower right away



  • Charmin Ultra-soft toilet paper - pat, not wipe; carry at all times - cheaper paper at hotels, restaurants, workplace causes irritation
  • Avoid bath towels at hotels and others’ homes in case of bleach or fabric softener - just dry with Charmin
  • All Free and Clear detergent
  • No fabric softeners - liquid nor sheets - use rubber dryer balls instead
  • Stand when possible - sitting, especially for long periods, causes more irritation
  • Cotton, breathable bedsheets and blankets
  • Trim pubic hair with small scissors or battery-operated trimmer - no close shaving - causes irritation, ingrown hairs. Some hair does help to minimize friction, so avoid total removal
  • Can use cold packs to soothe irritation - wrap in a cotton towel first
  • Donut pillow can help minimize vaginal area pressure when sitting, but may bother lower back, hips, and butt muscles 
  • If your car has it, use the seat cooling feature OR put a hand towel over leather seat in hot months
  • Hard seating (i.e. bleachers, park bench) hurts
  • If vulva is irritated, go commando at home if possible, spread legs wide for airflow
  • Commando all the time didn’t work for me - discharge, friction cause irritation
  • Sleep with pillow on each side so can prop outer leg up and allow airflow to vulva and labia not to touch (also better support for your hips and back this way)
  • Look for sweat triggers beyond exercise - Nervousness, extreme heat and cold can make you sweat - socks/tennis shoes indoors most of time b/c bare feet get cold and may cause sweat in vaginal area
  • No douching nor powders