If you are new to homeschooling your kids or just new to teaching online, one of the best places for you to find resources is going to be from other teachers. I know, you probably think textbook companies or schools themselves will have the best resources, but that's often not true. Or those resources aren't really available to the average homeschool parent. Getting worksheets stratight from the teachers who used them successfully is a legitimate way to teach kids at home, with or without a virus forcing them to be there. 

Since I almost always developed my own assignments, I don't have a huge amount of experience using a website like Teachers Pay Teachers as a buyer. I am a seller, and my 300+ lessons online mean that I have a lot of experience selling. Basically, once I saw how many lessons I had, I decided to throw them on the website fast and cheap, as opposed to some teachers who want top-dollar for their intellectual property. You can get my entire teaching collection, which includes all high school levels of ELA, for under $3,000.