Annotated list of students from the Class of 1994 at Milwaukee Marshall. Contact me if you'd like more info added, like links to your online portfolio or business, where you live, or whatever. We'll just start with publicly-available names and some basic information (from me). Go ahead and click on links to check out what some of your classmates are doing. And help them out if you can.

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Check out my Milwaukee Marshall YouTube Playlist for my archives from back in the day.

Name Notes
Cecilia Allen  
Odell Askenette Odell was at an unofficial Marshall reunion at Mo's back in 2010ish. We talked. It was nice to see her smile like I'd remembered.
Shatitia Austin  
Michael Baatz I saw Mike while I was at a gas station in West Allis back in 2005 or so. He scared the hell out of me because he didn't say my name as he walked up to me in a determined manner. It's too bad most of us assume the worst when someone comes bounding at us at a gas station.
Alex Bartoszewicz Alex is working on the twenty master plots about of West Allis, WI. See more at He's probably doing a lot of less important stuff, too.
Lancer Bohannon  
Lorenzo Brown  
Reginald Bufford Reggie is in the freshman football videos in my Marshall playlist. There was something special about the way he ran the football.
Dondrey Cockerham I'm on Facebook with Dondrey.
Jakari Colbert  
Karl Colbert  
Glen Colwell I saw Glen a while back at an unofficial class of 94 reunion. He's on Linkedin with me and reposts a lot of financial planning-type info that has nothing to do with poor folk like me.
Felicia Connor  
Nikea Cook  
Patrick Cross  
Karen Crumble I hung out with Karen just about every day in middle school but barely saw her at all in high school. Just a scheduling thing, but kind of unfortunate.
Bridget Cunningham  
Heidi Daugherty  
Keisha Davis  
Michael Davis Always friendly. He's probably one of those people with whom others like working.
Elizabeth Desjarlais Married, kids, etc. In one of those surreal social media moments, I saw her at Hoyt Pool after having been Facebook friends with her for a few years, but it seemed weird to run up and talk to her. I think part of he problem is that high school guys are stupid and have only stupid things to say, so then you can't imagine anything non-stupid to say to someone when you see her years later.
Dan Dettman  
Tiffany Dillard  
Andrew Downer  
Andrew Ebert Didn't even realize until I just checked that Drew is in California, or at least that's what his FB profile says. I usually assume people are still in the Milwaukee area, but if you can get out of Wisconsin winters, get out of them.
Charmaine Elder  
Travis Ewing  
Stephanie Falek I see updates from Stephanie every once in a while and should probably say something nice at some point. I know she was happier in a career move in 2014, so I was glad for her.
Quincey Farr  
Marsherri French  
Harold Frye I like reading Harold's updates. My favorite was a video of himself driving around listening to Phil Collins. Probably in some fancy car, too.
Shannon Fuentes  
Carlos Garner  
Lasondra Graham  
Tracy Gratzke  
Karen Gray  
Christina Green  
D'eir Greenhill  
Kathy Gross  
Jennifer Hacker  
Darlene Hagen  
Bridget Harris  
Lyne'a Harrison  
James Hauke Dr. James Hauke DC is a highly-rated chiropractor in Pewaukee. Check out his website here.
David Heath  
Chandra Henderson  
Earl Herron  
William Hollins  
Dominique Holloway  
Kim Hopkins  
Shera Hopkins  
Antonette Howard  
William Humphrey  
Verum Jackson  
Brian Jaeger

I was an English teacher for twelve years. Now I sell my lessons (TeachersPayTeachers), build websites (Passive Ninja and Luthernet), and write (this site, McNewsy, WildWestAllis, Real Wisconsin News, VoucherSchool, SitcomLifeLessons, and probably more).

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Elandis Johnson  
Nicole Johnson  
Charlie Jones  
Janel Jones  
Jason Jones  
Tamara Jones  
Cylinda Jones  
De Evelyn Keys  
Oreda Kimmons  
Tina King  
Shannon Klein  
Scott Kloida  
Marilynn Knitter  
Scott Kulhanek  
Charmane Lacy  
Yolanda Langford  
Amy Lass  
Andrea Leinberger  
Marcia Lemieux  
Christopher Lentz  
Karey Lerch  
Dannah Lipsey  
Joanne Litke  
Sara Lustig  
Darius Macklin  
Jannette Madison  
Lamont Magee  
Tameka Mallard  
Terrance Malone  
Christopher Marion  
Lisa Marks  
Matthew Martin  
Anthony Martinez  
Kristina Mauser  
Sheba Mays  
William McCoy  
Latrice McCullough  
Latoya McKinney  
Lisa Meyer  
Roderick Miller  
Hilton Morris  
Carrie Oliver  
Natalie Oven  
Telly Parker  
Joyce Payne  
Anthony Pearson  
Adrianna Peters  
Pierre Peterson  
Takeyla Pierce  
Jamie Pipkorn  
Frank Poradek  
Maria Prado  
Diane Prescott  
Jeff Rawson  
Angela Reed  
Shannon Reed  
Tennille Reed  
Rebecca Reshel  
Rejeana Reyes  
Jennifer Richards  
Latisha Roaf  
Jason Rothe  
Tammy Sanders  
Michelle Schwebke  
Torrie Scott  
Lakenya Shaw  
Matthew Sharon  
Matinah Simms  
Ann Sirois  
Andre Solomon  
Falesha Spain  
Eric Standlee  
Robert Staples  
Verona Swanigan  
Colleen Taylor  
Angela Terry  
Steven Thompson  
Latonia Thorton  
Tiffany Thompson  
Tanisha Thurman  
Rusty Tillman  
Angela Triliegi  
Veralisa Tyner  
Melody Villanueva  
Brandi Voss  
Markstone Washington  
Tasha Wells  
John Westley  
Michael Wiley  
Heather Williams  
Donald Wilson  
Nakeeta Woolfolk  
Chaneice Wright  
Paula Zdroik  
Sean Zebrowski