If your family is still stuck at home together, there may be some options for you to have some fun beyond making fun of each other. Since my family and I are stuck in Jacksonville, I've written about some of our activities on my NewJaxWitty site, but there's no reason to deprive Satisfamily readers of what we do to pass the time. 

I'll provide some links with brief descriptions, but the main idea is that the family is doing something, and I have something to do by documenting what we do. 

VW Biogenic Air Filter and Coronavirus

OK, this article is about whether or not a Volkswagen filter can help prevent Covid-19 if you drive around in it, but one activity we have done as a family is go for short drives. Sometimes to nowhere. 


Coronavirus Family Activity: Themed Outings

If your community allows multiple family members to show up places where there are lines outside, then going there as part of a themed outing could be fun. Or go alone. Check out the article to understand what I mean. 


Coronavirus Family Activity: Line Exercise

This is not something you'll do as a family, and I really don't recommend it as an individual, but you can technically get some pretty decent exercise in while standing in a line six feet from your neighbors. 


Coronavirus Family Activity: Find Church Online

Our family did a little church shopping while we waited for our own church to get its act together online. Since we give online and the experience isn't interactive for our church, I don't think they really miss us. 


Coronavirus Family Activity: Turn Your Garage into a ... GARAGE

This is a specific-to-Florida post because people here use garages as living rooms, smoker rooms, storage facilities, and home gyms, but rarely as garages. Maybe it's a good time to organize your basement or attic. 


Coronavirus Family Activity: Start a Blog

I recommend it. Even if you don't make any money on it, being able to write and have it be more than just a Facebook post is rewarding. I give some advice on starting a blog, even if you want it to be about business. 


Coronavirus Family Activity: Decorate for Easter / Puzzles

Sure, Easter has come and gone, but why not decorate for some other holiday while no one is visiting. Do Christmas again, or make up your own spring or early summer holiday. Maybe research what people in some other countries are celebrating and join in. I also set up a puzzle table because Lisa like her some puzzle time. 


Coronavirus Family Activity: Camping Out

We checked camping out off the list early in the safer-at-home order because we live in Florida where it's painful to sweat outside overnight once it hits May. You know you have that tent somewhere in the garage. 


Coronavirus Family Activity: Walk a New Neighborhood

For those of you who are allowed to venture out a bit, taking a walk in a new neighborhood could be excellent for the family morale. 


Bulk Commercial Toilet Paper Solution

If you happend to have purchased bulk gas station toilet paper when you saw the stores had run out, you might need my plans for a simple dispenser of the stuff.