While it has very little to do with the content of the site, a thematic menu isn't a bad idea. And maybe, as we grow in our own analysis of what we write, we might come up with some Rs that are more important, or suggest that readers focus on only one R at a time so that they don't annoy their spouses.

Right now, it's just a way to organize the site that we hope isn't as annoying as the puns in your local newspaper's sports section. Maybe the most important R that might seem a bit of a stretch is the Revenue one, since just about everyone else calls it Money. If you think about it, though, it's more about the income or revenue than it is about the money. Revenue is what you work for; your value. Since we don't all have the same amount, our goal is to think about it in a way that helps all of our readers. A lot of fancy websites that want to talk about money really just want your money. They want you to buy their products or invest with them. We'll give you practical advice to help, and we're not going to help you spend that revenue as much as help you keep it.

The last R on the list is Resources, and that one is where we want to shine. Lisa has done all kinds of reading to help her make decisions. While I tend to just use Google, I have also found good resources that might help you. Beyond that, however, we want you to know that we are actually doing something here and not just writing our opinions about stuff with no research (which was a possible title for the section).

Mostly, in order for this site to work for you and for us, you need to Read. We'll maybe give you some answers quick and dirty, but for the most part we want you to be an informed consumer and an informed individual so that you can stop others from taking advantage of you (the main goal of many in a capitalist, service economy).